About Us

About Our Family

We’re located in the historic, but growing, town of Newburgh, Indiana. Our home and dog ranch is nestled in on a few acres at the outskirts of town. Our home has been filled with love and laughter as we are raising 3  girls and a couple of crazy dogs. We’ve always been a dog family and quickly found that Golden Retrievers are our favorite breed. We love all dogs, but there is something special about goldens that you don’t understand until you have one.

Meet Hazel

Our beautiful red golden with a great attitude and all of the best features of the breed. She instantly won our hearts over and is a well loved member of the family. She’s the best and its our privelage to help he raise puppies to share with other families to love. Hazel is an AKC registered English Golden Retriever and weighs approx. 68lbs. at this time.

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Meet Daisy (Retired)

As a golden-doodle, Daisy has a combination of features and personality that make her unique and loved by our family. She’s one to loaf around the house as well as playing hard with people and dogs alike. She’s currently pregnant with her first litter and excitement abounds. Daisy is an F1 and weighs 71lbs. Her current due date is 2/14/2022.

Health Testing

We take breeding our precious pets seriously. Before we ever began the breeding process we performed numerous health checks and test on our pups in order to ensure they were going to be safe and so that we’d know their litters would produce healthy puppies. We genetically tested our bitches and sires to ensure breeding compatibility and health. Genetic testing results and veterenarian performed testing and examination reports are available upon request.

Interested in learning more about our family, our dogs, or our breeding practices?